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How are you West LA 90025? We know that you people are really busy with your work just like most of the families that are living in your city. West LA is fun and entertaining and we just love to work with you guys. We are coming to your city with all our expert carpet cleaners just for you to get what you need. Let us make your job a lot easy, you need not spend your valuable time taking care of your carpets. Using the services offered by our expert team of carpet cleaners, you not only get to save your precious time, you also get the best, all green, non-toxic services. Quality of your carpet will be retained and that is the main advantage you get by choosing us. We can make it clean people, call us.

West LA, here is your best chance!

West LA 90025, you live in an area which has both commercial and residential areas around. We operate in the residential sector. Yes, we are a reputed firm offering professional carpet cleaning services to residences all across West LA 90025. Professional carpet cleaning employs deep cleaning processes. We use proper methods, completely natural, to clean your carpet both inside and out, making sure that no dust, stains, or dirt remains. Our carpet cleaners are industry experts working tirelessly to cater your needs. All the techniques used by our cleaners are completely natural and chemical-free. Call us today to know more about our processes.

A Little Treat for West LA!

We want to give you a little something this holiday season West LA! And that little something is a 10% discount coupon for any of our steam cleaning services. We know that you loved it so we decided to bring it back once again. Grab the chance to get those stinky and filthy rugs and carpets free of dirt, dust, spots, stains, hair and other allergens and also save up some bucks at the same time. Yes, we still have the same great steam cleaning service and the safest, greenest non-toxic detergents and products that you can find. This is definitely an offer that you should not miss! West LA’s best carpet care cleaning company is here to help!  90024 90025 90034 90049 90064 90066 90077 90230 90232 90402 90403 90404 90405

Ahhhhh! Smell that? Clean carpets!

Too busy to deal with your dirty carpets, rugs, or sofas this fall West LA? No problem, give BH Carpet Cleaners a call and we’ll take it from there. All you have to do is relax and let our professional techs do the rest. Once these guys get a hold of your furniture, it’ll never be the same again. That means that it’s going to shine and shimmer! All dust mites and allergens hiding deep within the fabric will be gone and stains/blemishes will disappear. Our techs are able to do all this without the use of any harsh chemicals. We only use 100% non-toxic detergents/shampoos and pride ourselves by being a very organic/ environmentally friendly company! Call us for a quick quote and use our 10% off coupon this fall to save even more in 90024 90025 90064 90034 90066 90049 90077!

Fall has fallen upon us West LA

And you still haven’t gotten those rugs cleaned? Still think you can do an equivalent job as the pros with only your home vacuum or a weak machine you rent at the grocery store? Think again. BH Carpet Cleaners uses industrial strength equipment to make your upholstered furniture and carpets shimmer. Our non-toxic organic detergents will lift stains/spills and leave you with a smile. Get the job done right the first time around, give us a call to see how we can help you. We are extending a 10% off coupon for our West LA 90034 90064 90025 customers to stack on the savings this fall!

Let’s be all Happy!

I know that all of you in West LA 90064 90232 is so happy this holiday season, this is the chance for you to sit back, relax and enjoy the cold holiday breeze. I hope you can share some of that happiness by calling BH Carpet Cleaners and by letting us clean your filthy rugs and carpets that are already full of dust, dirt, stains and hair. Yes you can definitely make us happy that way and we will also make you happy in return by making your furniture and upholstery spotless and make them look good as new. Not only that, we can also make them green with our organic and non-toxic detergents and shampoos which are very safe for all of you guys. Come on guys make is happy this season by calling us today!

West LA needs a good solid cleaning!

Not ALL of West LA!  We’re talking about all the carpet, upholstery, furniture and area rugs!  And BH Carpet Cleaners is just the company to do that for you!  BH uses the industry’s best and strongest non-toxic, green and organic products and detergents, so you don’t have to worry about any harmful products with us EVER!  We’re still available seven days a week, so hurry up and call us!  We’re ready!!!!

Let’s make a deal!

All right.  Here’s how it’s gonna go down. You click that coupon over there on the right and print it out, then give it to BH Carpet Cleaners when we show  up to professionally steam clean your wall to wall carpet, furniture, area rugs and upholstery with the safest non-toxic products around!  Then you’ll save a humongous TEN PERCENT OFF!  That’s a lot if you think about it!  That money can go towards gas for your car, a dessert next time you’re out, or maybe even the entire meal!  So hurry up and call me so I can schedule you in!!!

West LA Ten Percent Off Coupon

BH Carpet Cleaners is proud to announce that we are currently offering a special, limited time offer of Ten Percent Off our professional non-toxic steam cleaning services. Just call us and tell us you saw this site and the coupon on the right, and we’ll apply it instantly. It’s really that simple. We have no hidden charges so don’t be afraid of getting hit with anything when we show up to clean your wall-to-wall carpet, furniture, upholstery or area rugs with non-toxic and green products. We’re going to keep this special offer going as long as we can but unfortunately we will have to take it down eventually, so call today to take full advantage and you can also receive a free estimate!

Call today!

West LA Carpet Cleaners

West LA 90064 90232 is a BIG area with lots of different carpet cleaning companies to choose from!  BH Carpet Cleaners is one of the top carpet cleaning companies not only in West LA, but also Los Angeles and the San Fernando Valley.  We will professionally and thoroughly clean your wall-to-wall carpet, area rugs and upholstery/furniture in your home, all while using the industry’s top non-toxic, green and organic products available today!  Literally thousands of clients have been satisfied, and we’d love for you to become one too!  Scheduling is very flexible, so call anytime for a free estimate right over the phone!

Voted “Best Carpet Cleaning Company in Los Angeles” by for 2006, 2007 and 2008.

Proud members of the Better Business Bureau.

Give us a call for a free quote, 6 days a week 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM

BH Carpet Cleaners, Inc.
8306 Wilshire Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90211
Office: (310) 621 4856

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3 reviews on West LA Carpet Cleaners

  • Couch Cory Madden

    I wanted to deodorize my couch; BCHH came over and worked efficiently; when they were done there was no residue left over to worry about. I liked them.

  • Clean Condo Jayson Ruggs

    I called BH Carpet cleaning for my condo. I thought I’d be charged an arm and a leg but fortunately they gave me a pretty good deal. I was also satisfied with the cleaning they did. I’ll use these guys again definitely.

  • Organic was a plus! Steve Kitchens

    I was looking around for a place that doesn’t use toxic chemicals and these guys said everything is non toxic AND organic. I’m all about being green, so this was a nice bonus.


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